Foto-foto Permukaan Planet Mars yang Unik

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Mars adalah salah satu planet di tata surya kita yang hampir serupa dengan bumi.
Permukaan mars yang tediri dari bukit-bukit dan lembah-lembah yang curam sampai sekarang diindikasi pernah ada air diplanet itu.
Bahkan menurut penelitian sebuah foto terakhir di katakan bahwa di mars pernah di tumbuhi pohon!

Valley of mystery: This chasm looks  as if water once flowed through it

Jagged edge: The rim of  Victoria Crater, home to a field of sand dunes, was caused by erosion

In the groove: Valles  Marineris, at more than 100 miles wide, dwarfs the Grand Canyon

Devil's punch bowl? The mouth  of Albor Tholus, an extinct volcano, is 30km across

Red crescents: Scalloped sand  cliffs ripple across the surface

Cold mountain: Patterns on this  range could have been caused by glaciers





Ipenk 08 Nov, 2011

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